Washed Jute Bags

Washed Jute or Soft Jute are much more softer than regular Jute. They are processed for more time to make the fibres soft. Washed Jute bags are suitable to carry close to your skin as they are not rugged like regular Jute Bags.

TrueJute produces high quality, hand-crafted and fully biodegradeable bags. Moreover, we have expertise in customizing our products to meet your needs. Our artisans are experts in weaving, sewing and screen printing.
We can customise with different kind of handles, sizes , pockets and linings to create the perfect product for you. We love mixing and matching in any combination.
All our products can be made in;

  • 100% Jute
  • Juco (75% Jute, 25% cotton)
  • Canvas
  • Pure Cotton