Why Jute?

Benefits of Jute for the environment:

  • Less Pesticide used to harvest Jute crops as compared to Cotton and other materials.
  • High Production level as compared to Cotton as it can be harvested every 4 to 6 months
  • Cleans the air – According to studies, 1 hectare of Jute cultivation can release up to 11 tons of oxygen and absorb up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide.
  • Reduces burden on Petroleum resources – Jute can be a direct replacement for plastic bags and other related products. Plastic bags are made of Petroleum which is depleting at an alarming pace.
  • By Opting for bags and furnitures made of Jute, we can save millions of trees.
  • Saves Water – Jute crops need very little water as compared to Cotton, which can consume up to 80% more water.
  • Jute is Bio-Degradable – Unlike plastic, which may take up to 400 – 1000 years to break down, the natural fibres of Jute can be composed or breaks down quickly.
  • Reduces the effects of plastic pollution – It is a well know fact about the effect of plastic on our planet. By using Jute we can reduce this to a very lower extent.

Harmful effects of plastic on our environment

The following videos show the harmful effects of plastic and why we should look at using Jute and other bio-degradable alternatives to plastic: