Plastics – how much, why not…

Human beings have become more aware of the harmful effects of Plastic to the environment and our Oceans in the last few years, leading to the emergence of more Sustianable practices

However, most people are still unaware of how harmful are these synthetics and how much of these end up in our Oceans, leading to regular Maritime tragedies . The amount of plastic in the ocean continues to grow – affecting wildlife and humans alike.

Scientists and Marine Biologists have estimated that a whopping 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our Oceans every year

To put it in perspective..

To put that number into perspective, the amount is equivalent to a garbage truck full of plastic dumping plastic into the ocean every minute.

Since the 1950s, the production and use of Plastics has expanded exponentially, researchers at the University of Georgia and University of California have estimated that humans have created 6.3 Billion tons of waste in this period, equivalent to weight of 1 Billion Elephants!

Only 12% of this is re-cycled and an unfortunate 79% accumulates in Landfills or the Natural environement including water bodies. Most of the plastic don’t recycle in any meaningful way, so it will be with us, harming our environment for hundreds and thousands of years to come.

Why we need to stop this now..

Plastics are useful products, but unfortunately, about 50% of them are produced for single use- they are used once and then thrown away. This is where widespread use of Jute bags vastly improve the quality of our environment and our lives

In addition to the environment and Oceans, Plastics are very harmful for all Wildlife- ingestion of platics can be fatal for wildlife and eventually, through the food chain, this ends up also being ingested by humans leading to a variety of diseases

How we can contribute to the much needed change..

We can start by making a subtle change in our daily habits by using eco friendly products such as Jute instead of Plastics. Several people in Netherlands & beyond have embraced the Green movement. You can also participate to keep the nature pollution free and green by opting for personalized jute bags for every occasion. Corporates can participate by identying and eliminating the use of plastics in their supply chain, and Governments can help by creating policies aimed at reducing platic use and promoting the use of eco friendly alternatives such as Jute.

Why should you use Jute based material instead of Plastics?

Jute is a 100% recyclable fiber and eco-friendly.  It can even be utilized as compost for soil. Several types of products such as jute shopping bags, printed jute bags, Jute based home décor, and jute carpets & rugs can help you to go eco-friendly. Jute bags even possess better biodegradable properties than Cotton or paper. For more on this, check out our Why Jute page (link)

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