The Rise of Juco

The last few years have been a rapid period of growth for JUCO fabric , now used extensively in the manufacturing of eco friendly bags …

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Pieter Pot Case Study

Introduction Zero waste grocery shopping is outgrowing the niche, stimulated by Dutch startup Pieter Pot which makes it ecovenient to do groceries without packaging. With …

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Plastic Bags & Marine life

Plastic bags and flexible packaging is the biggest source of marine deaths than any other source of pollution. According to the United nations, more than …

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At Truejute we believe social & environmental responsibility is a key objective of our business. We think this should indeed be a key objective for …

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Trading & Project Management

Impia provides consultancy and Project management services to clients for sourcing from the far east, specifically India. India is a huge market and now has …

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Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible Manufacturing is a key goal of our company. In developing countries, all too often the manufacturing process leads to exploitation of workers, underpay & …

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