The Rise of Juco

The last few years have been a rapid period of growth for JUCO fabric , now used extensively in the manufacturing of eco friendly bags and other home textiles. Juco is versatile, flexible and combines the best attributes of both Jute and Cotton. Made usually by combining Jute & Cotton in the ratio of 3:1, […]

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Pieter Pot Case Study

Introduction Zero waste grocery shopping is outgrowing the niche, stimulated by Dutch startup Pieter Pot which makes it ecovenient to do groceries without packaging. With its current waiting list of 45,000 consumers, investments of 3M+ and steep growth since it existence of less than 1 year, it is on a mission to make circular packaging

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At Truejute we believe social & environmental responsibility is a key objective of our business. We think this should indeed be a key objective for all businesses. Transparency and accountability is crucial when accounting for the ethical traceability of your supply chain. Thus we work only with manufacturers who pass our high quality standards with

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Trading & Project Management

Impia provides consultancy and Project management services to clients for sourcing from the far east, specifically India. India is a huge market and now has the fastest growing economy among big countries. Many multinationals and SME’s have successfully moved cost cutting operations and sourcing to India over the years, thus boosting their bottom line and

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Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible Manufacturing is a key goal of our company. In developing countries, all too often the manufacturing process leads to exploitation of workers, underpay & overwork, poor working conditions and general lack of worker well-being. At TrueJute we have taken every step to circumvent this. The story of; Jayanta Halder (Head of the Sampling &

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Corn Starch in Packaging

Jute is the most sustainable fabric in the world. So if you are using Shopping bags, Promotional bags, Fashion and Gift bags made of Jute you surely are helping make our planet more Sustainable. Well done! Even so, environment purists would look disapprovingly at the PP lamination that often accompanies Jute bags. The PP lamination

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Origin Of Materials- Jute

Cultivation TrueJute uses Jute fabric in the production of Shopping bags, Promotional bags, Fashion bags, pouches and other innovative textile products. Also known as Burlap, Hessian or Gunny, Jute is regarded by many purists to be the most sustainable material in the world. Used since the Indus Valley era (5000 bc), Jute has had a

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Responsible Manufacturing

Ethical and Responsible Manufacturing is one of the core tenets of our operation. We realise that the success of our product and company is implicitly dependent on the upliftment of the society we are part of. At Truejute factories we follow a streamlined production process with clear responsibilities for all employees. Some of the measures

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Impia- Meet the team

Impia is a company with textile manufacturing facilities in India. The company is the brainchild of 3 entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the production and supply of textile products. With the three entrepreneurs we thrive to each do what we can do best. With that we follow a streamlined process of purchasing, manufacturing and

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