The Rise of Juco

The last few years have been a rapid period of growth for JUCO fabric , now used extensively in the manufacturing of eco friendly bags and other home textiles.

Juco is versatile, flexible and combines the best attributes of both Jute and Cotton. Made usually by combining Jute & Cotton in the ratio of 3:1, it brings together the higher durability of Jute with the tighter & finer weave associated with Cotton. The resulting fabric is soft & smooth and yet strong, ideal for printing intricate designs and logo on the fabric. 

At Truejute, we currently have a team dedicated to develop different kinds of bags and other home textiles using JUCO. It is especially suited for Shopping bags, Fashion bags, Promotional bags and backpacks. Owing to its desirable properties, JUCO is now also increasingly being used as an alternative to nylon & polyster. Our designers and production team are having an enjoyable and smooth experience developing new innovative products  which our clients are loving.

The management team of Truejute realises it is crucial to offer not only better fabric alternatives which are sustainable and eco-friendly, but also that these fabrics are affordable thereby able to penetrate the supply chain.

Our JUCO is sourced locally in West Bengal (India) directly from the farmers and is thus very affordable also for our clients and the end users. So what are you waiting for? Contact our team to discuss possibilities in JUCO and have your own custom made design

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