Corn Starch in Packaging

Jute is the most sustainable fabric in the world. So if you are using Shopping bags, Promotional bags, Fashion and Gift bags made of Jute you surely are helping make our planet more Sustainable. Well done!

Even so, environment purists would look disapprovingly at the PP lamination that often accompanies Jute bags. The PP lamination functions to make the bag more sturdy and stand up straight which are important features for a Jute bags. So is there a way we can retain those features whilst at the same time remove the plastic imprint in our Jute Bag? In other words, what can replace PP lamination in our Jute Bag?

In comes Corn Starch. Over the past few years new materials have been developed using Polylactic acid (PLA), which is made of fermented sugars, usually corn starch. Corn is the cheapest and most widely available sugar making it the ideal choice to replace PP Lamination in Jute bags. This material is 100% biodegradable. Let’s look closer at the properties of PLA;

  • Food Safe
  • UV Resistant
  • High Aroma barrier
  • High Printability
  • 100% compostable
  • Fire-resistant

The above features make PLA based materials ideal to use in Packaging. At TrueJute, we have started making new designs and bags based on PLA packaging to further reduce the use of plastic. We are aiming now to go from Carbon neutral to Carbon positive enterprise!

As individuals and companies intensify the move to sustainability they are going to increasingly demand greener options such as Corn Starch based packaging. As compared to other materials, Corn Starch is widely & cheaply available and increasing demand from the packaging industry will make it even more widely available.

Would you like to explore how you could use Corn Starch in your packaging? Contact TrueJute via our contact form or email us at

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