Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible Manufacturing is a key goal of our company. In developing countries, all too often the manufacturing process leads to exploitation of workers, underpay & overwork, poor working conditions and general lack of worker well-being.

At TrueJute we have taken every step to circumvent this.

The story of; Jayanta Halder (Head of the Sampling & Design team)

Our management invests in the safety and well being of all the workers in our factory. We are all provided clean, hygienic working conditions with access to clean water, tea and even a cleaning & relaxing area.

We are also provided protective gear when producing. There is a fire & hazard management system for our safety. I have worked for 20 years in this industry in 5 different companies, and certainly the efforts made at TrueJute for worker safety and well being is the highest.

In addition to the safety, Employee welfare is also well taken care of. We have training programs conducted for development of new skills, our transportation is arranged by the company & allowances are given for extra savings.  

Our manufacturing process is itself very sustainable. We do not produce any non-biodegradable material in our factory and use high quality azo free dyes in the production. Even the use of plastic for lamination is being replaced slowly by corn starch.

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