Jute Shopping Bags

A neighbourhood supermarket can be a dreaded proposition for any sustainable shopper. There is plastics everywhere. Its lined on the racks and walls. The checkout counter does not offer an alternative. Worse, all your food is in it!

Worldwide Supermarkets are estimated to use a combined 50 billion plastic bags. Most of these bags, an estimated 91%, find their way into Oceans, rivers and Landfills. The harm caused by this to different specials is well documented. Unfortunately, to most of us, the task of moving away from plastics in places such as supermarkets seems daunting. However this need not be the case. Alternatives to plastic packaging at supermarkets already exist.

It is time our supermarkets step up to the game and implement use of these alternative without delay. Globally supermarkets have been slow to react to this crisis, especially in the face of readily available alternatives such as Jute or Cotton Shopping bags. The introduction of a ban on free plastic bags introduced here in The Netherlands in 2016 was a welcome step. Nevertheless plastic shopping bags are still ubiquitous here in our supermarkets. Considering durability of an average Jute Shopper bag is 100 times a plastic shopper bag,  this is also a more economical choice for the consumer.

Check out our collection of Custom Jute Shopper bag for your store/supermarket/brand:


Supposed sustainable alternatives such as Paper bags turn out to be worse option at times. They are easily damaged during transit, are not durable and unsuitable for heavier items. Production of paper is also takes a heavy toll on our resources, especially water. Jute bags are ideal for this purpose as they are strong, durable and 100% biodegradable. Jute takes only 3-4 weeks to degrade and helps save millions of tonnes of fossil fuel and forest wood each year. Besides it offers respectful employment and life to more than 5 million people in the Indian subcontinent.

Some tips for our Sustainable supermarket shopper;

  • Use Jute bags instead of Plastic bags for carrying your stuff. Encourage your local supermarket to keep a stock of Jute bags. Its readily available
  • Choose Fresh and healthy food and avoid plastic packaged food. No more frozen nuggets
  • Make your own juices and sauces instead of buying packaged ones. Another upshot of that is that freshly squeezed orange juice is the freshest thing in the world. Its also very fun to try out new recipes
  • Stop buying plastic water bottles completely. There is no justification for doing this anymore, especially in places like Holland where drinking water is readily available everywhere

TrueJute gets you your shopping bags from the source. Our skilled artisan is backed by over 5 decades of experience and learning in the Jute industry. Businesses can choose from TrueJute’s displayed items, request an updated catalogue or design a completely bespoke bags as it fits their needs. For Supermarkets and other FMCG companies alike, TrueJute is the best option to building a Greener tomorrow.

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