Impia opens new Service office in Netherlands

After more than 25 years of producing Textile products in India, Impia opens a new service office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With this new service office Impia wants to be closer to their clients, have more direct contact and make it easier for clients to produce their Textile products overseas in India. 

The journey started in 1992 and was concentrated on the Jute Market. Jute is a coarse, natural fiber produced almost exclusively in the Bengal region of the Indian Subcontinent. It is estimated that 90% of the world production of the fiber comes from West Bengal (India) & Bangladesh.

In the beginning the focus was on production, trade and supply of Gunny bags (also called Burlap bags/Sacking bags) which were used all over the Indian subcontinent for the storage of all kinds of food grains. As all the production took place locally in Bengal, this required setting up trading & logistics network; no easy task in India especially in the 1990’s. However, the drive and motivation of the entrepreneurs led them to establish a large network and develop extensive contacts and establish themselves as one of the most reliable suppliers for Jute Gunny bags and Jute yarn.

Starting in 2004 we established a new manufacturing unit in Kolkata, India & started manufacturing Jute, Cotton & Canvas bags. Initially we made only Shopping & Promotional Jute bags for local Indian businesses. Since then we have expanded our offering to also include Fashion Bags, Gift bags, Planter bags, Fruit bags, Pouch, Washed Burlap. Next to our TrueJute label which manufactures the bags, we also have the expertise and manufacturing possibilities for our labels Impia Garments, Impia Home Textiles and Impia Industrial Textiles. We have a streamlined procedure from fabric procurement to delivery of the finished product which has been especially helpful in dealing with overseas clients where quality and timeliness are most important.

In addition to the extensive manufacturing possibilities, our India office is also responsible for connecting our existing/new clients to our network of over 500 local & responsible manufacturers. For this we take the role of supplier, agent & regulator. The local factories are supervised by us and we make sure of quality control, and that the production process takes place in keeping with Impia’s social responsibility guidelines The lack of intermediaries and favorable agreements with local entrepreneurs also ensures we are able to supply you with a most competitive price.

To further assist our existing clients and come closer to our prospects, we have established a service office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The aim of this office is to give you unparalleled service and superior quality products, but also at the most competitive price. We are your 1 stop shop for all textile related products & for procurement from India & far east.

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