Responsible Manufacturing

Ethical and Responsible Manufacturing is one of the core tenets of our operation. We realise that the success of our product and company is implicitly dependent on the upliftment of the society we are part of.

At Truejute factories we follow a streamlined production process with clear responsibilities for all employees. Some of the measures we take in this regard;

  • All workers are paid fair & sustainable wages. The wages are set keeping in mind the cost of raising a family, skills required and level of seniority
  • All employees have access good hygenic working conditions, employee benefit schemes and to company trainings
  • At least 25% of employees are woman which gives the opportunity towards women to excel within the textile industry compared to the standards in the industry
  • Child Labor is a social nuisance in developing countries such as India. TrueJute takes the highest precaution to against child labor.
  • All Employee Children receive free education until the age of 12
  • We contribute annually towards welfare and development of our community

Our Manufacturing process is well segregated and the safety of our employees is most important for us. To that end, we provide our workers with the best machinery and support in order for them to be able to work at their best.

In addition we are annually audited by independent 3rd parties to ensure the ingegrity of our operations and Social corporate responsibilities.

  • We use no pesticides or Fertilizers, zero toxic Chemicals and only Azo free dyes.
  • We are a Carbon-Zero Company
  • All our products are sustainable, ethical and biodegradable helping make the world a better place
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