Impia- Meet the team

Impia is a company with textile manufacturing facilities in India. The company is the brainchild of 3 entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the production and supply of textile products.

With the three entrepreneurs we thrive to each do what we can do best. With that we follow a streamlined process of purchasing, manufacturing and delivery of your chosen product. We offer personal support from the quotation until you receive the product. We will keep you informed at every point in the process. This enables us to live up to the expectations of our customers.

Meet the entrepreneurs behind Impia and her labels;

Shashank Kanoria

Shashank Kanoria was born in West Bengal, India.  From a young age he dealt with farms where Jute & Cotton was grown. Shashank’s grandfather owned a jute mill. Here the jute from the land was made into fibers so that they could be sold to the textile industry. These Natural fibers would then be used in a variety of finished products such as bags, garments, industrial use etc.

After studying Economics & Finance in England, Shashank moved to Amsterdam to work in a Trading company active in the financial market. During his time in Netherlands, Shashank saw the opportunities that existed for businesses and consumers by getting there products directly from manufacturers in India. As well, the benefits to small & medium manufacturers in India to have a readily available export market would be immense.

Now Shashank functions as the bridge between India and Europe to translate the needs of our clients and possibilities within our manufacturing units. As the Operations Manager Europe, Shashank makes sure that what we promise to our clients, comes to life.

Rens Raijmakers

Building businesses, marketing and customer service, that’s what makes Rens Raijmakers tic. With a background in recycling, renewable energy and green product project, Rens understands what a customer needs when looking for responsible manufacturing options abroad. After gaining work experience in several roles in Europe, Asia and Australia, Rens teamed up with Impia to help us build our company.

As the Commercial Director Europe, Rens Raijmakers holds the responsibility to realise the front office to serve and advise clients according to the Value Propositions of Impia. With a focus on our eco friendly and sustainable products, Rens thrives for growth and development within Impia.

Ankit JhunJhunwala

Production lines in the factory is where Ankit likes to spend most of his time. With more than 15 years experience running textile manufacturing units in India, Ankit has complete knowledge of latest production techniques, lean manufacturing and innovative designing. Ankit has a background in Business studies and has worked in setting up and managing several units. A key component of his success is in understanding the local market and treating all workers with dignity and respect. Ankit aims to make the industry more inclusive and a driver of growth for the large local population.

As the Operational director, Ankit is responsible for all the aspects of the order from the purchasing of raw materials to packaging and shipping of the final produce. Establishing processes and managing workflow are other responsibilities Ankit thrives in.

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