Trading & Project Management

Impia provides consultancy and Project management services to clients for sourcing from the far east, specifically India.

India is a huge market and now has the fastest growing economy among big countries. Many multinationals and SME’s have successfully moved cost cutting operations and sourcing to India over the years, thus boosting their bottom line and competitiveness.

Are you looking for cost advantages and economies of scale? Don’t have the knowledge or expertise with Indian regulations and way of doing business? Then look no further. Impia provides advice from feasibility analysis to full scale implementation of international projects in India. Impia is a partner to all companies, business organizations and authorities who wish to do business in India, whether indirectly through our Trading division (Sourcing) or indirectly via our Project Management division (Consultancy)

Quality, Financial and Logistics disputes arise frequently with suppliers. Any importer or business sourcing from the East would readily recognize this fact. We help you avoid expensive mistakes and conduct thorough due diligence thereby substantially reducing your costs and time.

5 Step Procedure for Sourcing

  1. Supplier Research: Impia has a large database of suppliers, manufactures and exporters in India. We short-list suppliers based on objective criteria depending on your target
  • Contract Negotiation: We do the negotiations on your behalf. With suppliers or regulators or the government.
  • Due Diligence: We ensure compliance and quality control of your products. Inspections are regularly conducted.
  • Logistics: Shipping, Customs clearance and Payment Management
  • Post-sale Evolution: Dispute Management, Warranty , Product development, complaints
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